Stop Struggling with Social Media Overwhelm

At Social-E Biz we take the overwhelm out of your business, so you can stop struggling with what to post, how to post, when to post. Giving you precious time back to focus on doing what you love, and still build a powerful online presence.

Social-E Biz is a boutique, social media content and copywriting business.

Social-E Biz was created and founded by Jemay Nelder. After almost two decades working in retail and corporate businesses, armed with her media communications experience, this savvy business woman stepped out in the entrepreneurial world with a passion to help other small business owners.

Jemay has been partnering with small businesses for the last three years, taking the overwhelm out of their Social Media accounts.

More consumers, than ever, are relying on social media channels to make informed decisions about a business.

Social-E Biz is here to help businesses that do not have the time to market and engage with their customers consistently online, or simply don't know where or how to start.

Each business is unique, and Jemay works closely with each business to identify their goals to implement the best social media and content strategies.

We look forward to growing your business with you. To get in contact feel free to send a message via our Facebook page.

Develop a Plan

Create & Inspire

Build a Brand

“I believe that social media can be easy and fun with the right tools and strategies.”

Jemay likes Pina Coladas and Getting Caught in the…

Actually that was 18year old Jemay!  Today, she much prefers starting her day with a large long black (coffee) and enjoys going to the toilet by herself!!!

Her Jemayzing qualities include helping businesses build a powerful online presence and successful brand; taking the overwhelm out of social media; and giving them time back to focus on doing what they love… Getting caught in the Rain??



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Getting great Facebook engagement and reach on a post is the pain point of most businesses on social media and it is rarely because the post wasn’t any good.
Find out why your content falls short and how to fix it.

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How Can Businesses Survive COVID-19

Stop. Social. Distancing! “Woah!  That’s a bit controversial Jemay.  Somebody’s gunna get in trouble.” This may sound ludicrous right now amidst the biggest crisis the entire world is collectively experiencing. As businesses are forced to close up shop, and everyone has been told to head home to stop the spread […]

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Pilgrimage to Happy Endings

It’s 1am. My pillow is calling to me. But it has to wait. I head towards the room at the other end of the house. Anxiety sets in, as I creep into the room. A lump, hides under the covers. Sleeping soundly. Oblivious. I try to silently reach the other […]

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