hand-touching-glass - Stop social distancing for businesses to survive Covid-19

How Can Businesses Survive COVID-19

Stop. Social. Distancing! “Woah!  That’s a bit controversial Jemay.  Somebody’s gunna get in trouble.” This may sound ludicrous right now amidst the biggest crisis the entire world is collectively experiencing. As businesses are forced to close up shop, and everyone has been told to head home to stop the spread […]

Easter 2018

Pilgrimage to Happy Endings

It’s 1am. My pillow is calling to me. But it has to wait. I head towards the room at the other end of the house. Anxiety sets in, as I creep into the room. A lump, hides under the covers. Sleeping soundly. Oblivious. I try to silently reach the other […]

Boosting Facebook Posts

Boosting Challenge

The Results Are In Firstly, let’s just recap – what was the Boosting Challenge? Early last week I set a challenge. Forgo my daily drive-through coffee from McDonald’s and use that $5 on boosting daily posts for a few days. Each day I uploaded a new image and content, and […]