The Results Are In

Firstly, let’s just recap – what was the Boosting Challenge?

Early last week I set a challenge. Forgo my daily drive-through coffee from McDonald’s and use that $5 on boosting daily posts for a few days.

Each day I uploaded a new image and content, and boosted the post for 24hrs – targeting the same/similar audience each time.

Wednesday started with a simple image, created through Canva, with content based around simple ideas.

Thursday was an advertising post. The image had an offer, and the content explained the offer and its value.

Friday was a service video post. A small video, using Ripl, displaying Social-E Biz’s services ran with a description on why video’s perform well. And do they? Keep reading and you will find out…

Saturday’s post ended the challenge with a not-so glamorous photo of Moi set on a crazy background. The content explained the importance of humanising your brand.

Now For The Results

In order from Best to Least performing boosted post.

  1. Saturday – Humanising Your Brand. #winner By uploading a picture of myself and a short story, this post received the most reach in total. In fact, the ‘Organic’ reach on this post was almost as much as the ‘Total’ reach on the second best reached post. This post also had 18x more post clicks, and 2x more reaction/shares/likes. Posts similar to this will give more bang for your buck – or an opportunity to grow your followers organically. So, let your followers know who you are.
  2. Thursday – Fresh Eyes Advertisement. Although the reach on this post was half that to #3, it did however have higher engagement and post clicks. This shows creating something of value creates better engagement and calls to action (CTA).
  3. Friday – Service Video. This post actually had the second best overall ‘Total’ reach, and was in fact the winner in the highest ‘Paid’ reach total. However, even though this post seemed to have a lot of engagement when analysing the promotion summary, it had Zero clicks, reactions, likes, shares etc. Posts similar to this is great for brand awareness, it has no CTA so your objective here is to simply place your brand into the minds of potential customers.
  4. Wednesday – Simple Ideas & Image. I’ve placed this post last. Although the reach on this post was higher than #2 and had more engagement than #3, I did run this image on Instagram and shared the post myself to other platforms that I manage as well – which boosted the overall performance. Organically the post didn’t do great (but sometimes posting times and days can play a factor in this). However, I did get some great results from running it on Instagram.


So, there you have it. My Boosting Challenge Results.

Just to be clear – I did NOT go without coffee. Just had Nespresso’s from home.

Overall, I am happy with the results. I have added another 10 followers to my page and have spent a total of $20. $2 per follower. This might seem high, but the more followers you have the lower that rate will be if you use the right post, sent at the right time to the right people.

Please note these results are not definitive and each brand can have a different result based on the products/services they provide and the number of followers they already have.

My next challenge will be creating a ‘Humanised, Advertising Video Post’, with the same budget and seeing how that goes.

So stay tuned…..


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Cheers Jemay