Discover the reasons why a social media post has low reach and no engagement

Getting great Facebook engagement and reach on a post is the pain point of most businesses on social media and it is rarely because the post wasn’t any good.

Have you ever put up a great post that you think ‘surely everyone’s going to love this and comment’ only to hear crickets? Somehow that fantastic post seems to go unnoticed and it leaves you wondering why! 

I often get asked “Why am I not getting any engagement on my Facebook page?” or “Why is nobody liking my posts?”

There are a few reasons for this. And I guess you need to understand how Facebook works.

The Facebook Algorithm

You may have heard of algorithms before. The Facebook algorithm is special coding that ranks how relevant your post is to your audience and decides where it will appear in their newsfeed.

If the Facebook algorithm gives your page and posts a low ranking then your post will appear very low down in each user’s newsfeed. Your audience would then have to keep scrolling down to even see it. Often, users won’t do this – leaving your post ‘unseen’.

Facebooks main purpose is to dominate the social space. To do this, they need to be strategic in how they deliver content to their customers to keep them happy. If a person’s newsfeed is being filled with business posts, particularly from pages of little to no interest to them, Facebook will lose its value and people will turn to other platforms to connect.

The most important aspect of Facebook is connecting with family and friends. Therefore, Facebook’s algorithm will determine who the most important people are to each other and make sure they are seeing their posts at the top of their newsfeeds. This means Facebook will prioritise posts from personal connections BEFORE business pages.  

The Ranking Factors

There are many variables that the algorithm uses to determine a posts/page’s ranking. Here are a few of them.

  • Relevance. Are you producing content that is relevant to your audience? If your followers do not resonate with the content you are delivering then they won’t be interested. Facebook knows so much about each person on their platform – so they essentially WILL know if the content will be enjoyed by the viewer or not.
  • Consistency. You need some consistency. If not, Facebook will think that you aren’t committed to your audience. The more you show you care about your audience the more Facebook will reward your hard efforts.
  • Regular. It’s not enough to present 1-2 consistent posts per week. You do need to provide more to your audience. The more you give your audience the more the chance your audience will see your posts. Think of a treadmill, if you walk at a slow speed and then stop the treadmill will stop quickly. If you walk or run at a fast speed, when you get off the treadmill will take longer to stop. So, theoretically if you do more your efforts will last longer.
  • Engagement. Is your audience getting any value out of your content where they are interested enough to engage in that post? Are they likely to comment; click a link; watch a video for more than 3 seconds? Facebook values content that will create engagement.
  • Timing Matters. There is absolutely no point posting something at 3 am when your audience is not online. Each Facebook post (business or personal) has a “shelf life” in the newsfeed – post at the wrong time and the post disappears before anyone starts scrolling their newsfeed.
5 Tips to Improve your Engagement and Reach

After you consider the above variables about how a post is ranked in a newsfeed, it’s time to start thinking about what posts you need to create that will give you the best possibility of reaching more of your audience.

Here are Social-e Biz’s best recommendations:

  1. Have a relevant audience. Think about who your target market is and post for them. Who are they; what do they want to see; why do they want to see things from you, etc? Don’t invite family and friends to like your page if they are never going to engage in anything you do. If there is a disconnect between what your business is all about and the people following you, then that will just confuse Facebook. Don’t Confuse Facebook!!
  2. Create conversational posts. The best way to engage your audience is to create conversations that are relevant to your business and/or your target audience. Simply ask irresistible questions that would hard for someone to scroll past.
  3. Videos. Facebook values videos over static images most of the time. Therefore, videos have higher engagement rates than static images.
  4. Live Videos. Live videos on average have 6 x more engagement than pre-recorded videos. People buy from People, presenting Live creates trust, authority, and authenticity. If you want your business to grow you NEED to do Live videos!
  5. Time it right. If you take the time to check your insights, and figure out the best days and times your audience is on the platform, then you can deliver at the right time. Makes sense, right?

So, now you know a little bit about how Facebook works and why your posts may not be reaching your audience. You should now be able to start planning your content based around these key factors and putting the above recommendations into practice.

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